WoodPower® Power Bars - Set Completo

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Proveedor WoodPower®

¡Más fuerza, mayor rango de movimientos, máximo confort, INFINITAS POSIBILIDADES!

WoodPower PowerBars protegerá sus muñecas del temor a una mala alineación de la línea de brazos, a la vez que protege al planeta gracias a este accesorio sostenible todo-en-uno para sus entrenamientos!

El Set Completo de PowerBars incluye:

  • 2 PowerBars XL (38 X 21 X 20 cm, 2.3 kg)
  • 2 PowerBars XS (23 X 14 X 10 cm, 1.3 kg)

PATENTED DESIGN: European Community Design No. 006 316 543

Customer reviews
Handstand feels much easier on this board. Maybe I should buy another one and stack these so that the handstand becomes effortless.
— Hannes
The main purpose of any board is to provide a stable surface and this definitely does this. Ideal finish, grip, weight and dimensions.
— Dave
Mit diesem Board überwinden Sie die Erdanziehungskraft, der Handstand geht fast wie von alleine. Auf keinen Fall direkten Kontakt mit Boden wenn sie übne wollen. Nehmen Sie dieses Brett und halten Sie so Ihre Hände sauber.
— Patrick
I did not know I needed a handstand board until I got one. Now that I have it, it's kinda hard to imagine what life was like before I started using it. Solid AND stable AND easy to use :)
— Maria
Schickes Design, hohe Qualität und schneller Versand
— Marcus

Trust in the Power of Our Wood

100% European Made

Local trees, talented labor, fair working conditions.
No excess, less stress on the environment.

Ethically Sustainable

We give back more than we take.
One tree planted for every product sold!